• “I worked with Kevin on a particularly involved project. He made the process easy to understand and simple. Happy to refer him to friends”….Bill P.
  • “Kevin wasted little time in helping resolve some sensitive issues. Highly professional. Really value his sincere caring approach”….Don R.
  • “I’ve never met an attorney before that cared so much about his clients. He’s smart, conscientious, thorough and he didn’t nickel and dime me like other lawyers have in the past”….Martha T.
  • “Kevin Byrnes has been my attorney for the last 14 years. Although we have disagreed at times over strategy in his office, I was able to see why it was best to do things his way once we got to court. He is wise enough to know when to fight and decisive in court, with a demeanor that is disarming to the court, as well as the opposition. Kevin exercises a true gift when it comes to pinpointing the winning legal strategy. I don’t do anything, legally speaking, until I talk to my attorney, Kevin Byrnes”….Kurt K.

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