Real Estate

Although I no longer perform real estate closings, there are a plethora of real estate issues I have been involved with in addition to Landlord/Tenant matters. These issues generally revolve around the drafting or review of documents necessary for various real property transactions where a formal closing may or may not be required. In the past I have been called upon to draft and/or review a wide array of documents, including, but not limited to Leases, Deeds of all types, Promissory Notes, Deeds of Trust, Declarations of Condominium, formation of Homeowners Associations, Restrictive Covenants, Purchase and Sale Contracts, Easements and Rights of Way, etc. I have been involved in hundreds of real estate matters ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to Millions.

If you have a real estate matter at issue, you can feel confident that you will obtain experienced and competent counsel when consulting with me. I have been in practice for in excess of thirty years as a solo practitioner in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties for the entire period of my practice.


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